Private practice with an academic flair! Full time otolaryngologist needed immediately to replace two physicians who retired in February 2018. Enjoy teaching and clinical research with all the luxuries of a suburban private practice.

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Now Accepting Applications for:

Otolaryngologist / ENT Physician

This position is open to a general otolaryngologist, but additional training or a subspecialty interest is advantageous. The practice has a strong referral base for pediatric otolaryngology, sinus surgery, allergy, and reconstructive facial plastic surgery. We have an affiliated hearing aid business, in-office CT, and in-office balloon sinus dilation. This opportunity is equally available for candidates with either similar or complementary interests. Partnership may be offered after two years, and the ideal candidate will be interested in assuming practice leadership within ten years. On call rotation is approximately one weekend out of ten, and is rarely burdensome, averaging one to three hospital consults per weekend. Teaching, research and continuing education are strongly encouraged.  Build your own niche. There is no better place than Richmond ENT, with abundant opportunities to learn, grow, and teach in the midst of all the technology, history, and culture that makes Richmond so unique.

Office Nurse

We hire talented medical office nurses who wish to do more than take vital signs and room patients.  Our nurses typically are expected to remain in the room with the physician or nurse practitioner and provide continuous assistance with instrumentation.  Real-time documentation in the electronic health record remains a critical role of the office nurse.  Typing skills should be at least 50 words per minute with excellent grammar and spelling.  Other common duties include office surgery, balloon sinus dilation, in-office CT, allergy testing and immunization.  Many of these responsibilities have been best suited to a licensed practical nurse with at least 3 years’ experience, although we have had several successful certified medical assistants and veteran military medics. Several of our nurses have been inspired to continue their education, and have become registered nurses and nurse practitioners.

Medical Scribe (Summer 2022)

Richmond ENT has a comprehensive electronic health record.  This is an opportunity for a professional medical transcriptionist or aspiring pre-medical student to work side-by-side with the physicians and nurse practitioners.  Duties will include transcribing patient-provided information into the medical record, documenting the history and physical examination as it unfolds with the provider, and documenting the assessment and plan as the provider describes the plan to the patient.  A bachelor’s degree or significant prior medical experience, and a one year commitment are expected.  Impeccable grammar, spelling, and the ability to type >50 wpm are required.

NOTE: The following positions are not currently open, but feel free to reach out to us as our needs change regularly.

Audio Tech

Hearing loss is a medical condition, and we believe that collaboration between a physician, audiologist and a audio tech promotes a proper diagnosis & effect treatment plan. The audiology technician must be comfortable testing children and adults and interested in helping build our hearing aid practice.

Audiologists and Hearing Instrument Specialists

Hearing loss is a medical condition, and we believe that collaboration between a physician and a hearing instrument specialist promotes a proper diagnosis and effect treatment plan. The audiologist must be comfortable testing children and adults and interested in helping build our hearing aid practice.

Billing Staff

Billers and coders require at least 2 years’ experience with electronic claims submission and follow-up.  The applicant should have familiarity with CPT coding and ICD 10, and should be able to transcribe numeric data with precision.  Typing should exceed 40 words per minute with sufficient grammar and spelling to write effective letters of appeal.

Physician Assistants & Nurse Practitioners

This is a unique opportunity for mid-level providers to learn a subspecialty that is not currently taught in any nursing school.  By continuing educational activities inside the office, Richmond ENT has trained six ENT nurse practitioners that have extended our ability to provide compassionate, high quality care to a greater number of patients. Our current nurse practitioners perform consultations, treat nosebleeds, remove foreign bodies, inject Botox, inject Juvéderm, perform skin biopsies, perform nasal endoscopy, and perform fiberoptic laryngoscopy. They have developed reputations of their own, and often are referred consultations and second opinions even when the physicians are in surgery. Certification as a family nurse practitioner is preferred, as we see patients of all ages and both genders.  A minimum commitment of 3 years is required to achieve significant skill and independence in otolaryngology. We also accept students from VCU and UVA for clinical rotations that typically last 6 weeks.

Medical Receptionist

A warm telephone voice and a pleasant demeanor establish the patient’s first impression with Richmond ENT.  The medical receptionist should be as passionate about patient well-being as the nurses and doctors.  Accuracy and organizational skills are critical.  The receptionist is also responsible for initial data entry and scheduling and must have proficient computer and typing skills.  Primary software includes Allscripts, Phreesia and Microsoft office.  Prior medical office experience is valuable.