Written by Kenmont Group

Dr. Armstrong hosts Princeton student through Princeternship Program

Richmond ENT recently hosted an undergraduate student, Allegra Mango, from Princeton University for their 2011 Princeternship Program.  The Princeternship program is a unique externship experience for Princeton students to connect with alumni to explore a career field by visiting an alum’s workplace during academic break periods. This program would not be possible without the support of dedicated Princeton alumni who volunteer to share their time, insights, and experience by hosting students for a “day in the life” glimpse into their industry or profession.

The Office of Career Services offers student participants the option to chronicle their experiences by writing a blog/journal.

Below is an excerpt from the blog of Dr. Armstrong’s former student, Allegra Mango, sharing her observations and impressions of the profession, the field, the workplace environment and culture:

“Upon my arrival at Richmond’s Ear, Nose and Throat specialists (known as Richmond ENT), I met Dr. Mike Armstrong (’85). I was then allowed to sit in on a collaboration meeting. This meeting, one of the weekly collaboration meetings, was focused on how to best transfer the group’s medical evaluations from paper to technology. In examining a patient, the nurse now is required to fill out forms on the computer, rather than linguistically describe the patient’s symptoms. The doctor was working out the most successful system in which this evaluation would ensue.”

“Following this meeting, and for the remainder of the day, I shadowed Dr. Armstrong as he visited with each of his scheduled patients for the day. Throughout the day I saw an extremely wide range of medical issues. The first patient of the day was a middle-aged woman suffering from hoarseness. I was able to watch the examination Dr. Armstrong was able to perform on her, and then as he diagnosed her with what he thought was the problem: sleep apnea with a resulting acid reflux. We visited many other patients with similar symptoms, and I was able to watch Dr. Armstrong perform many video endoscopic examinations. I was able to see sinus polyps, tumors, septum deformities and other abnormalities.”