As with most of today’s high-tech devices, great advances have been made in hearing aid technology. Hearing aids are smaller than ever, yet deliver outstanding performance in challenging listening environments. Most are so light, comfortable and virtually invisible that you will quickly forget that you are wearing them. If cosmetic concerns have kept you from wearing hearing aids, the wide variety available today will likely change your mind.

During your hearing evaluation, we will help you choose the hearing aid that best fits your needs including:

  • The type and severity of your hearing loss
  • Your listening needs and lifestyle
  • The size and shape of your outer ear and ear canal
  • Your eyesight and the dexterity of your hands
  • Your individual budget

RIC (Receiver-in-the-Canal)

RIC hearing aids have a thin wire that connects the small device behind the ear to a speaker which sits inside the ear canal.

  • Newest development in hearing instruments
  • Very discreet, yet comfortable design
  • Perfect for first-time users

CIC (Completely-in-the-Canal)

CIC hearing aids have a custom molded shell that fits entirely inside the ear canal.

  • Virtually invisible inside the ear
  • Deep fit allows for easy telephone use
  • Fits mild to moderate hearing losses

BTE (Behind-the-Ear)

BTE hearing aids are placed over the ear and are connected with tubing to an earpiece.

  • May be fit with or without a custom made earmold
  • Durable, low-maintenance design
  • Wide fitting range, available in a variety of sizes and colors

ITE (In-the-Ear)

ITE hearing aids are custom molded to fit inside the bowl of the ear and part of the ear canal.

  • Classic design is easy to use
  • Available in full or half-shell sizes
  • Ideal for those with vision or dexterity issues

All styles are available in fully automated models or with manual controls. Regardless of the style you choose, your hearing aids must fit your ears precisely to perform properly. Without a proper fit, you may experience problems with feedback or ear canal irritation. During your hearing aid fitting, we will ensure a custom fit.

To schedule a hearing evaluation, call (804) 937-EARS (3277) today or request an appointment.