Did you know that only about one out of five people who could benefit from hearing aids actually wears one? Hearing aids have been shown to significantly improve quality of life, communication in relationships, earning potential and even physical health. With the wide variety of hearing aids available today, we can help you select the options that fit your lifestyle and your budget.

The Active Lifestyle

  • Do you often meet with people in group settings (social or business)?
  • Do you often go to restaurants, movies, plays, concerts, sporting events, etc.?
  • Do you have a demanding career in which listening and communication are critical?
  • Are you retired but find that you are more active and on-the-go than ever?
  • Do you travel often?
  • Are you a current hearing aid user looking forthe latest technology upgrade?
  • Do you settle for nothing but the best in anything you buy?

The Casual Lifestyle

  • Do you occasionally meet with people in small group settings (social or business)?
  • Do you tend to prefer quiet restaurants and small gatherings of family or friends?
  • Do you occasionally attend movies, plays, concerts and sporting events?
  • Do you want to get “the most bang for your buck” from the things you buy?

The Quiet Lifestyle

  • Do most of your conversations tend to be one-on-one?
  • Do you usually watch television or listen to a stereo in quiet or small rooms?
  • Do most of your leisure activities take place at home?
  • Do you work in a quiet setting and require little communication with others?
  • Do you rarely go to movies, concerts, sporting events, etc.?
  • Are you usually budget-conscious?

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