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Facial Plastic Surgeons are experts in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the face and neck. Structural repair is typically indicated as a result of skin cancer removal, congenital deformities, injury, or disease.

Skin Cancer Removal

The most common reason to perform reconstructive surgery in adults is following the removal of skin cancers. Since reconstruction following facial skin cancer often requires structural cartilage support and transposition of skin flaps from other areas, we work closely with dermatologists and specialized Mohs Surgeons to provide the most optimal patient result. A Mohs surgeon is trained to remove the cancer completely while causing the least possible amount of damage to the surrounding tissues. Next, we aim to restore one’s natural appearance and normal nasal function.

The nose and ears are one of the most sun-exposed areas on the body. As a result, they are frequently subject to skin cancer.

Structural Deformity

Congenital Abnormality

Dr. Armstrong provided life-saving surgery to siblings each born with one ear.

Acquired Abnormality