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National Microtia Awareness Day is November 9th

Dr. Armstrong was recently featured on WRIC 8News for providing a life-saving procedure to siblings born with one ear. The group Access Now connected Rosa Guevara Diaz and her brother Antonio with Dr. Michael Armstrong. He made each of them an ear using skin for their thighs and cartilage from their ribs.

“I would like you to know that Antonio is so proud of the work you have done to his ear. He openly shares all the updates and information about his surgeries to his classmates and me. We all clapped and hugged him on his first day back after the surgery. Now that you and he have made the news, he is so proud. …his self-esteem and admiration of you and your abilities, is thrilling to observe. Thanks for giving him so much.” – A note to Dr. Armstrong from Nancy Corbin, Antonio’s teacher

About Microtia

Microtia and aural atresia is a rare congenital deformity in which a child is born without normal ear cartilage and without an ear canal. Reconstruction usually is deferred until about 8 years old, when the rib cartilage is well developed and the head is approaching adult size. The cosmetic reconstruction must be performed before the restoration of the ear canal. Many of these patients have serviceable hearing after repair.

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