Written by Kenmont Group

Simple advice from your doctor on avoiding COVID-19 coronavirus

If the NBA is not playing basketball, then I am not going to the gym this week.

If colleges are closing, then I am not celebrating in bars and restaurants.

If I can walk or drive in a private car, I am not taking the train or plane.

This virus is thriving on our over-scheduled, diverse and often crowded culture.  This Spring 2020 is a season for us to slow down and get to know a few close friends and family better.  The fewer contacts we have, the less likely the virus will continue to spread.

I know it is disappointing to miss the last half of your semester, postpone a wedding, or skip Sunday services, but if people get sick and some die, would you be glad you were there?

  • If you are serving food, prepare individual plates, not a buffet.  Pack your own lunch.
  • Instead of going to the gym, take a walk or bike ride and enjoy the Spring air.
  • Instead of going to the theater, snuggle with a loved one and a good book.
  • If you must meet with people, keep it to small gatherings among people you know.
  • If you work with customers, wash your hands frequently.
  • If you can work from home, do so.
  • If you even think you might be sick, stay home!