We have expanded our capacity to evaluate patients for COVID-19.

Reasons for testing might include:

  • A recent cough, fever or loss of smell
  • Recent exposure to someone with COVID-19
  • A scheduled dental or surgical procedure
  • A wedding, funeral or family gathering
  • A sick or elderly relative
  • Recent or planned travel
  • Asthma or allergy symptoms
  • Planned return to work

A negative test means that you were well at the time of testing, but it does not protect you from future infection. You must continue to follow CDC guidelines for social distancing, wearing a mask in public, and frequent hand sanitizing. We do not recommend testing those who have clinically obvious symptoms of COVID-19 such as a high fever and cough. We would prefer that the sick person isolate and recover at home, but send household members and other recent contacts for testing.


We will try to schedule you within one business day, or schedule testing 3-4 days before any event, trip or procedure.


  • You must have access to a computer or phone with a camera.
  • We will send you a link to our Phreesia portal before the visit.
  • You must also enroll in Follow-My-Health to receive test results.


  • A physician or nurse practitioner will conduct a telehealth visit.
  • We will assess your symptoms and make recommendations.


  • We have designed a no touch system for safety.
  • Drive to the office at the appointed time.
  • Call on arrival. We will meet you at the car.
  • We will compare your identity to a prepared label.
  • You will swab your own throat and return the swab.
  • We will send the swab to LabCorp the same day.


  • Results are usually returned to us within 48 hours.
  • We will call only if we receive a positive test result.
  • You may check your results in Follow-My-Health.
  • We will report results to the Department of Health.

Under the CARES Act, our evaluation will be Free to you!

  • We will accept payment from your insurance with no copay or deductible.
  • We will send the specimen to LabCorp, who currently accepts the Medicare rate as payment in full from all plans.
  • If you have no insurance, we will bill $125 to the federal government for the medical assessment.
  • Please call us immediately if you receive a bill from us for this test.