The Xoran MiniCAT is designed to provide high-resolution images of the sinuses, skull base and temporal bone at a low-dose of radiation.  The MiniCAT is more comfortable, accessible, convenient and safe than the large, multi-purpose fullbody CT scanners found in hospitals and imaging centers. It also allows us to serve you better; by offering this service at our facilities, we can diagnose your problem and begin your treatment plan as soon as possible.

If you have ever had a CT scan before, you’ll notice a difference right away. Rather than being sent off-site to another facility to have the scan performed, the in-office MiniCAT creates instant, high-quality, 3D images of the sinuses and ears for accurate diagnosis during your visit. That means no waiting rooms. The scanner’s unique design allows scans to be performed while the patient is in a comfortable seated position rather than lying on a bench, which also means it wheelchair accessible. The scan itself takes only 40 seconds for adults and only 20 seconds for children as compared to 15 minutes for conventional CT scanners.

Our patients’ safety is of primary concern.  A full sinus scan for an adult on our MiniCAT CT scanner exposes patients to 82% less radiation than a conventional CT sinus scan.  For children, the 20 second sinus scan reduces radiation exposure more than 91% as compared to a conventional CT sinus scan. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality, most efficient care possible so that you get fast, safe, and effective relief.