Written by Kenmont Group

Tegucigalpa, Honduras Blog for Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Arising early for breakfast and worship, I am beginning to feel tired. Surgery was varied and included a cleft lip repair in a middle school boy who was very self-conscious of his appearance. The next patient, an 8 year old girl had virtually no palate and her nose was completely flat on the face. A previous team had attempted to patch the palate by sewing part of the tongue into the hole. The sutures had failed, leaving a finger tip sphere of tissue dangling on a thin pedicle. We completed the closure, but were not able to work on her nose today. The third patient was about 9 years old and born with no ears. The previous team had carved a right ear from her left 8th and 9th ribs. We repeated the procedure on the left. A subsequent team will perform second stage revisions, and the finally, we will open the ear canal to restore her hearing. The final case was a rhinoplasty following nasal trauma.

Arriving back at the hotel at 7:30 pm, we showered quickly and then the residents treated us to a movie night at a cinema similar to CineBistro.